oh hell! my kin, what wrong it does the distance that lies, between the sight, fading away, along the ways me the one, always want, together we be, makes us free. nothing went wrong, better we think it’s all together, defines the world, pieces always half, don’t make laughs. we will do, tells my bluesContinue reading “Unity.”

Cycling in Nepal.

I think the best way to feel yourself, you must flow with the wind that passes you. The power of wind is that it feels the every corner of the world whether it is flat land or wild Himalayas. if you be able to reach the every corner of life you find the power ofContinue reading “Cycling in Nepal.”


when they confused, feel like am vague when they find one, would be happier one. i am the one who cause both i am cross-road. when they separate, i feel bad when they met, i am glad. i am the one who cause both i am cross-road. when they collide, crashed upon me i foundContinue reading “Cross-road”

Beauty of life

Moments are ready to take, moments are ready to break all those downfall, all those rise makes a whirlpool, we call it life. neither you gonna face, nor you chase all those fails, all those gain makes a whirlpool, we call it life. neither the game of love, nor the bias of hate gave youContinue reading “Beauty of life”


you came like the monsoon river the whirlpool of emotions, the blinding love our life roller coasted between between high and lows such was the pressure, it evacuated everything. there was good, there was ugliest thing beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, tell me what you see love was to come slow and restContinue reading “Monsoon”

Human in love.

Nearly four years ago, i had to stay on western part of Nepal for about one year. There i found querulous couple, who in night time sometimes fight like they are on the war zone and in the morning it seems everything goes fine and walk like love birds.I feel amazed to see that coupleContinue reading “Human in love.”


First of all i would love to send my gratitude to trendystories to nominating half melody for the award. Another thing trendystories itself is a thoughtful blogging site and just the way it present all those social events and beautiful analysis. Though it ain’t been a long time we get to know each other butContinue reading “MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD”

Pardesi (Immigrant)

The word ‘pardesi’ is famous in south Asian country and are those who went to foreign in sole purpose to earn money for livelihood and for family happiness. Among those many of those die on working space due to insufficient knowledge and many other things. Below here is the poem of that soul who haveContinue reading “Pardesi (Immigrant)”

Old me

All those time and those scene Thundering storms, razing winds fire cracking hot, jaw dropping cold tries to dislocate and erase from ground. Though the leaves falls and scale came off. stays here like a naked soul exposing my bones and skull. sprinkling all the strength to nature being all the time content not byContinue reading “Old me”


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