Ride with love

Person who flows with heart would be happier when he dwells around and with the loved one. This time I found the best of loves with me. Nature which gives me everything, is the one that I love most and the best gift by the nature for me is also with me in this trail.Continue reading “Ride with love”


Husband: Honey I have a surprise for you tonight. Wife: oh wow! lovely my man. when did you reach home?? Husband: Nearly at 5 PM. Wait for me my love. Wife: Okay, c u soon. After an hour later a news roars around the city that, ” A middle aged man lost his life whoContinue reading “Destiny”

Yeah so far…

Humanity has gone so far want to grab things in moment and also leaves in second. Enjoys the physical world and forgot the soul. view through other people eyes and shut their own Navigate through google and gadgets but remove their own sense and neuron yeah, Humanity has gone so far.

Ride on ragged trail

A whole day ride on ragged trail on spring is far more better than couple of antibiotics and a visit to psychiatrist. location: western part of NEPAL.

Relaxing ride.

“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!” ― Dan Aykroyd After nearly six month of rest and isolation(though I did lots of cycling in that time), one of my friend call me and says, ‘lets go ride today.’ Without any words on my mind I agreed becauseContinue reading “Relaxing ride.”

Back from dead.

I’m like a dead body staring at the string of time waiting for the autopsy and gets burned out. But what if, i can feel the thrill of life by these curves and rough trails of mountains, those rainy and sunny days, those streams that flow through the cervices of mountain, those dark and denseContinue reading “Back from dead.”


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