Relaxing ride.

“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!” ― Dan Aykroyd After nearly six month of rest and isolation(though I did lots of cycling in that time), one of my friend call me and says, ‘lets go ride today.’ Without any words on my mind I agreed becauseContinue reading “Relaxing ride.”

Back from dead.

I’m like a dead body staring at the string of time waiting for the autopsy and gets burned out. But what if, i can feel the thrill of life by these curves and rough trails of mountains, those rainy and sunny days, those streams that flow through the cervices of mountain, those dark and denseContinue reading “Back from dead.”


Wise men and the soft hearts Keep on excusing the wrong deeds of humanity, Evil rises..

Missing Home

Dedicated to all those hustler, expatriates and refugees who miss their home once in life when they found themselves lonesome and lost in nostalgia. Life full of dreams Raging and roaming for decades while in solitary, Missing Home.

Down time.

Just stays down there, feel like I’m in hell Ain’t find any resonance, everything seems frail. God gave me some psychedelics’, so I can reach higher shell just want to awaken so that I can ride future trail.

Hard moments.

Numbness that I find within vein can’t speak a single words. just sat there like a statue unable to put my stride on. Heard loads of echoes around my ear can’t distinguish and they fell like jargon. flows rivers of music through my heart but unable to find the rhymes on.

Ride through rain

cool breeze, which passes through my blood and those puff of clouds flows in front of my eyes leaves shiver all over my body and it feels like I did reincarcerated moment by moment. All those terrain and those landscapes which profuse by monsoon rain and all those valley through which thunderous rivers flows giveContinue reading “Ride through rain”


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