Ride at countryside

Hello to all friends out here,

It’s been long time since I showcased my words and image over here. Probably everyone are doing great in their life and gained momento after this year long covid break. Life is always on path whether you take a break or you moved in pace. You are not going to escape from it until you try to quit the journey.

This time I am here with some travel image of one day ride around my hometown located at the western part of Nepal. It was always awful to be on bike like a wanderer and back with some memory when your return from it.

Hope you guys also have some thrilling memory for later life. Enjoy your life now.

Published by passenger of own ride

Wanderer for life and traveler of the mind…

10 thoughts on “Ride at countryside

  1. My sincere respect to you sir. I like your pictures and I understand your message. English is not your native language but you are communicating almost 100% perfectly. Check the spelling for momentum. I think the word “awful” might not be the word you are looking for – do you mean “awesome?” and instead of “back” try the word “return”.
    I am confident that i would enjoy you as my tour guide showing me your beautiful country and culture.


  2. Wow really really beautiful country ❤️❤️ thanks sharing these great pictures. I want to ask what the red flags signify (pls excuse my ignorance)


    1. Thank you for your words. yeah for sure Nepal is one of the amazing country on the world. Do visit once when you have time, it never let you down. And lastly lets connect each other so that we can see each others words and experience. I find your blog interesting and beautiful too.

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