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Husband: Honey I have a surprise for you tonight.

Wife: oh wow! lovely my man. when did you reach home??

Husband: Nearly at 5 PM. Wait for me my love.

Wife: Okay, c u soon.

After an hour later a news roars around the city that, ” A middle aged man lost his life who met with an accident at cross road, whose car was hit by the bus.”

Thousands of people lost their life untimely and uncertainly due to different causes worldwide where their loved ones and family waiting for them at home. It was a destiny of life or whatever, the pain to lost dear ones is always inevitable and painful. May God always give strength to their family and relatives and Rest in peace departed souls.

How can i die amid of my life?

God! please give me a awakening breathe.

To my dearest souls waiting at home,

Have to bring the necklace of joy.

We have dreamt the ocean of love

that flourish our life with smile.

How can I leave my love at this time,

God! gave me one more moment of life.

This post and poem was built on the basis of one song release by ‘Zee music company’ in ‘Hindi language’. The story is based on the true incident that happened during lockdown in India in which nearly 10 people lost their life when train passes through their body while they are sleeping on railway track at midnight accidently. You can listen the song down here:

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10 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. Such a devastating tragedy…. How sensitive of you to create such a moving poem in relation to this incident. You have a kind heart, keep that hurricane of emotions going. Thanks for sharing, it’s beautiful 💕🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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